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MetLife Insurance Company
The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), made famous by the Snoopy One (and now Snoopy Two) blimps that fly over sports stadiums, and the Peanuts Gang characters, after the late Charles M. Schultz received such good care from MetLife during an illness that he signed over the advertising trademark and copy rights of his characters to the company, was founded as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company in New York City in 1863. Today the company makes over $1 billion a year in profits and is one of the United States' largest financial institutions. The company's famous tagline is "Get Met. It Pays."When the financial services industry's traditionally separated divisions such as banking, stock investments, and insurance were merging together in large financial firms who wanted to be "one stop financial shops" beginning in the late 1990s, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was on the leading edge of that movement. In 2005, MetLife bought the Citigroup's huge Travelers Life & Annuity division. The company's corporate leadership seeks to be the single largest insurance company on the globe by 2010. MetLife has also long owned State Street Research of Boston, which created the first mutual fund in American history in 1924.MeLife's main corporate strategy and focus is recognition of and servicing of diverse and various human needs depending on different backgrounds, demographics, and personal circumstances. Thus, the larger it becomes, the more it can service diversity. MetLife maintains a sexually, ethnically, and culturally diverse employee force to help it meet its diversity servicing objectives.Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has one of the strongest reputations for customer service and claims paying of any life insurance companies. For this reason, Fitch rates MetLife Insurance at AA while Moody's Investors Service rates MetLife's efficiency as Excellent, an Aa2. Standard & Poor's rates MetLife at AA because the company's financial conditions are so strong.Early in 2008, Forbes listed Metropolitan Life Insurance as the best-managed insurance company in the nation.
Reacted Robert Henrikson, chairman in the board, president and CEO of MetLife, Inc., "We're extremely honored to be selected by Forbes as being the best managed insurance company in the usa. MetLife is focused with delivering the best products and services for our clients, this also has translated into revenue growth and increased benefit for our shareholders. Our talented employees plus distribution partners have enabled us to make consistent, year-over-year top-line growing since becoming a court company in 2000. We're looking forward to the future, expanding on our market leading positions from the U. S. and exporting our abilities to several international markets at the same time. "MetLife offers a vast variety of insurance products and economic services. Although the company created its reputation and big customer base through major promotion of its whole life policies just like its "L98" plans, they have diversified substantially in one more dozen years and has remained successful by lodging relevant and changing having changing times. MetLife offers variable universal life plans, excellent long term health care and disability policies, unique stock brokerage through the Series 7 licensed financial advisors, and a seemingly endless line of term life policies these days additionally its other offerings. MetLife agents are among the best trained and best compensated around and they offer a no cost full FNA (financial wants analysis) at every meeting they've with a client or maybe prospect. The company believes that education may be the key to customer respect and expansion and for this reason bigger profits. As one of many oldest life insurance companies in the us, Metropolitan Life Insurance company is also one of the most modernized and one from the strongest.
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