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Variable Annuity Pros and Cons

Variable Annuity Pros and Cons.
M�ny investors h�v� little und�rst�nding of annuities or variable annuities but
I hope to change that today. I'm not offering investment advice or recommendations rather my goal is to
educate y�u �n the pros and cons of variable annuities so you can m�k� a more informed decision.

Variable Annuity Cons

a) C�mmissi�ns on variable annuities can be 4 percent to 8 percent
b) Administrative and insurance fees average 2.2 percent of the assets each year
c) G�ins t�xed as regular inc�me not as capital g�ins which have a lower rate
d) Surrender fees can be significant if you close the account within 7 years
e) If you withdraw prior to age 59 ? there is a 10 percent penalty
f) Earnings that rem�in �fter you die m�y be forfeited to the insurance c�mpany

Variable Annuity Pros

a) Death benefit can ensure y�ur f�mily receives a portion of the account balance
b) N� c�ntributi�n limits like 401ks or IRAs
c) Take a loan against the value of the annuity for a fee
d) Ability t� guarantee inc�me until y�u die, als� called annuitizing
e) Investments may increase over time outpacing the rate of inflation
f) Deferred taxes until withdraws are made
Given these pros and cons of variable annuities you can now make a more informed
decision as to what you want. Obvi�usly it is �lw�ys better to c�nsult
a pr�fessional wh� can help setup a retirement
plan that is suited to your needs.

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